For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated by the human condition - "what are we? where do we go? where do we come from?" An avid reader (a natural born "nerd", some would say), I began studying Physics and Ancient Eastern Philosophy at the age of 13 years old. At that time I also began my journey through meditation and mindfulness - a 22 year long exploration that still takes me to new states and uncharted places.  

Growing up at a traditional household in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I graduated with honors as a lawyer, working for large law firms and international organizations in Rio and NYC. But the inner work and philosophical studies would continue throughout my life, gradually becoming a full time career. Soon I was not only a lawyer, but a meditation and mindfulness coach, offering counseling and guiding others to find purpose and balance. 

Since then, and always seeking to broaden my perspective, deepen my psychological knowing and understand myself and others more fully, I returned to the classroom in 2008, studying Spiritual Psychology and Meditation, followed by additional trainings in ancient philosophy and Somatic Therapy. 

My wide-ranging experiences and travels thus far, including visits to India, Egypt, several countries in South America and Europe, have broadened my perspective and understanding of the human condition.  We all seek what unites us, in spite of our unique perspectives, shaped from the worlds we've inhabited. We yearn to be seen and heard. We all crave love and purpose. It's what makes us human. 

No matter what the circumstance is, my intention is to serve, listen, and to connect you to your true self. 


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